Hi! I'm an animator, designer and illustrator.


I grew up in New York City and attended New York University, graduating with a concentration in design and animation. I've always loved creating art and have expanded my tool belt over the years to include a myriad of mediums ranging from basic pencil to the Adobe Suite.


Since 2012, I have worked for companies ranging from startups to large advertising agencies, as well as freelance. No matter what the project or who the client is, my end goal is to create a finished product that we are both happy with and proud of.


I have many interests when it comes to art, but most recently fell in love with hand drawn animation. My short animations can be seen on Vine and Instagram, which have collectively generated millions of impressions.


Clients include:

Johnson & Johnson


Camilla Cabello
New York City Department of Education
American Express

+ More


Resume here.


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